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Providing a reliable and professional global shipbroking service since 1872.

Hagland Shipbrokers

Hagland Shipbrokers are fully independent and operate to the highest standards. Below is a brief view of our history

Mid 2019

After 18 months of cooperation with jointly owned offices in Esbjerg, Hamburg and Aberdeen the offices were rebranded to Hagland Shipbrokers, and all offices were renamed and share the same name, visual identity, e-mail and web page.

Early 2019

Des Hart and Yul Thomson through their existing Aberdeen-based shipbroking company,entered into a cooperation agreement with RG Hagland Shipbrokers and the Aberdeen company was renamed to Hagland Offshore UK Ltd

Mid 2018

Max Mehringer and Dominic Bigott through their Hamburg based shipbroking company NSH Shipbrokers GmbH joined forces with North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers Aps in Denmark when the Danish office acquired the main part of the shares in NSH Shipbrokers. The Hamburg office was renamed to North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers GmbH.

Early 2018

RG Hagland AS of Haugesund, Norway, and North Sea Shipbrokers ApS of Esbjerg, Denmark, combined their shipbroking activities when RG Hagland aquired a shares in the Danish shipbroking company. The Danish office was renamed to North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers ApS


North Sea Shipbrokers in Esbjerg started to support the highly specialized Offshore Renewables marke.


North Sea Shipbroker was establised in Esbjerg


RG Hagland in Norway started with shipbroking towards the offshore industry


RG Hagland was establised as shipowner and shipbroker in Haugesund

You can read more about Haglands’ history at Haglands hompepage: