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FOL: 17140
Length: 10.95
Width: 5.50
Depth: 2.20
FOL NO.: 17140
Type: Steel Trawler / Gillnetter – NEW BUILDING
Classification: Vessel to be built according to specifications with documentations to be registered in Norwegian register for fishing vessel.
Dimensions: Loa: 10.95 m W: 5.50 m D: 2.20 m
Tonnage: To be defined
Engine room:
MAIN ENGINE: SCANIA or IVECO 500 BHP, with heat exchanger // Hydraulic power take out, type to be defined for equipment // Trolling valve // Oil cooler // AUXILIARY ENGINE: 1x 10 kW gen-set and battery system acc. to rules // ENGINE ROOM: 1x Emergency bilge pump // 1x fire extinguishing system acc. to rules // 1x hydraulic tank with level indicator // 2x 2000 (about) ltr. fuel oil // 2x 1000 ltr. Fresh water // 1x hot water boiler for heating of accommodation and other consumers // 1x 60 ltr. hot water.
Bow Truster 50 BHP // Steering position in wheelhouse and on main deck // Stern Thruster 50 BHP can be supplied as an option
Cargo capacity:
FISH HOLD: Approx. 20 cbm // Fish hold insulated with foam in both hull sides and top // Bilge pump in hold
Deck equipment:
Maneuvering position on main deck // 1x access door for engine room from main deck // 1x aluminum hatch for fish hold // Connectors for hydraulic equipment in front, middle and rear of the vessel // Hydraulic power take out on gear box // 1x 0.500 kg knuckle crane at 8 m // 1x 0.500 kg knuckle crane at 6 m
Cabins with beds for 2 crew members // Accommodation to be insulated for cold weather climate // Accommodation heating to include heating of floor // 1x toilet & bath room // Gallery for cooking and washing
Electronic equipment:
1x Stern light // 1x Top light // 2x Red signal lights // 1x Green light // 1x White light // 1x Green starboard light // 1x Red port light // 1x Search light 500 watt, 12 volt // 1x Bow light 500 watt, 12 volt // 6x GEL-batteries, 200 amp., start/consumption batteries with switch for emergency connection // 1x Shore connection 230 volt // 1x 12/120/5000 amp. Inverter/charger // 1x Fan including fire dampers // 1x Switchboard for shore connection and power distribution // ELECTRONICS: According to Norwegian standard and class
HULL: Steel structure to class for Norwegian register. The vessel will be metallized above the water line. 2 x Side keels. Water ballast according to design of vessel. Anchor winch according to class (hydraulic type). Partly shelter deck/weather protection to be built // WHEELHOUSE: To be built with steering position on starboard side. Port side of wheelhouse to be fitted with couch and table for crew members. Window with insulation glass. 2 x windows with heating. 1 x window to be able for opening. 1 x front mast, platform for electronic equipment and light. Heating for wheelhouse and windows including emergency power according to class // LIFESAVING EQUIPMENT: According to Norwegian standards and class.

Orla Fjord

Senior Shipbroker, Denmark

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