FOL NO.: 9262
Type: Steel Beam Trawler
Built: 1999 Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam, The Nederlands.
Classification: DMA
Dimensions: Loa: 42.35 m. /Lbp: 37.98 m W: 8.50 m D: /Draft 5.15 m
Tonnage: 498 GT // 149 NT
Engine room:
Deutz SBV9M628 (2000 BHP)
Gearbox: Reintjes WAF 1962
AUX: 2x Deutz 300 BHK
Cargo capacity:
Fish Room: 1600 box. (refregiated)
Ice Mashines:
1x STROMA: 2 ton/day
1x BUUS: 4 ton/dayFuel: 120.000 liter
Lub Oil: 1200 liter
Deck equipment: >> 8 Drum Beam-trawler-winch. // 2x El. loading winches.
Accommodation: >> For 6 Persons. (2 x 2 & 1 x 4)
Electronic equipment:
2x VHF
1x Echosounder
1x Son ar
1x Autopilot
3x Sat. Nav.
2x Radar
2x Steering
2x Sat. Copmpass
Misc: * Next main survey Q3-2023
FOL NO.: 8382
Type: Steel Wetfish Freezer Trawler
Built: 1992 Germany
Dimensions: Loa: 45.5 m W: 10 m D: /Draft: 4 m
Tonnage: 673 GT // 201 NT
Engine room:
DEUTZ (Diesel / 8 Cyl) 1600BHP at 750 rpm/ 1192 KW
AUX: 2 (230kw/50Hz/ 380V)
Max Speed: 12 knots
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Cargo capacity:
Fresh Water Tank: 4 m3Refrigeration Installation Capacity:
2x Refrigerators (300 m3 // -28 (◦C))
2x Cold-water Fish Tanks (12 m3 // +2 (◦C))
2x Freezer Plate (capacity of 6 tons fish per 24 hr for each)
1x Refrigeration Tunnel in 2 sections with total capacity of 8 tons fish per 24 hr.Cooling system:
3x SARBO Freon Compressors
– Refrigeration capacity: 50% each
– System Suction Temp: -36 ◦C
– System Dicharg Temp: +45 ◦C
3x Condensers
3x Sea Water electro-pump.
1x Dryer
1x cooling Coils for each refrigerator in three parts
1x main Receiver of freon gas with 22 tons of freon.

2x Horizontal Freezer plates

Deck equipment:
1x Net Drum
1x CRANE: 2.5 Ton
2x Auxiliary Winch
2x Hydraulic Trawl Winches
2x single rooms (Captian and Chief Engineer)
5x Double rooms (each room 2 persons)
4x rooms with 4 beds (each room 4 persons)
Electronic equipment:
Radar: Icom – Mr 1200
Radar” Koden
Gps/Garmin- 4008
Gps/Furuno- Gp – 1850 W
Gps/Fishfinder/Samyung/Navis 3000
Gps/Samyung/Navis 800
Radio Furono/Fm 8500
Radio Debeg/6330
Radio Silor / 6248
Radio Furuno Ssb/Fs-257030
2x Walky Talky/ Samyung
3x Sart
1x Eprib
Navtex/ Nr50
Autopilot/ Simrad- Ap70
Deep Finder/Samyung-/Nf-100
2x Threading Gun
Life Jacket/30 Set
Life Ring/ 6 Set
Life Rafts/ 4 Set/ 15 Persons
1x Life Boat
Last Docking: The year 2021
*Last overhaul: The year 2020 (full overhaul main and auxiliary engines)
FOL NO.: 6735
Type: Wetfish trawler
Built: 2002 Ósey hf, Iceland
Classification: Sjóvinnustýrið (Faroese Maritime Authority) Vessel was previously classed with DNV. Previous class notation: DNV + 1A1 Fishing Vessel
Dimensions: Loa: 19.37 m W: 4.98 m
Tonnage: 64 GT / 19 NT
Engine room:
425 BHP Mitsubishi, S6A3-MPTA // PROPELLER: CP propeller Mekanord VP 91/2, 4 blades, in Kort nozzle (1.4 m nozzle)
Cargo capacity: >> 60 m3 wetfish hold. (420 pcs of 75 liter boxes in the hold)
Deck equipment:
Osey type winches and net druma, 2 x trawl winches, 1 x net drum forward, 1 x net drum on gallow.
Accommodation: >> 5
Misc: * FACTORY: Manuel gutting line
FOL NO.: 6673
Type: Fibreglass Wetfish Stern Trawler
Built: 1999 by Fåborg Værft A/S, Denmark
Classification: DMA
Dimensions: Loa: 12.50 m W: 4.20 m D: 2.20 m
Tonnage: 19.2 GT – 5.7 NT
Engine room:
150 kW IVECO main engine.
There is a new main engine in stock which will be included in a sale.
Nogva gear, red.: 4.13:1 (Newly renovated).
New propeller shaft fitted.
Nozzle fitted and propeller blades renewed in 2018.
Bollard Pull 3 – 3,4 ton.
Deck equipment: >> 2 drum split winch. // Netdrum located aft.
Electronic equipment:
Electric installations: 24 V-220 V + shore connection.
2 x SP VHF.
1 x Furuno FCV291 echo sounder.
1 x Simrad CX44 plotter.
1 x AP45 autopilot.
1 x AP35 autopilot.
1 x Furuno satellite navigator.
1 x Simrad satellite navigator.
2 x Furuno radars.
Following renewals during the last years:
> Hydraulics
> Netdrum
> Fish sorting and rinsing box
> Electrical panel in wheelhouse
FOL NO.: 9261
Type: Steel Wet fish / Shrimp Trawler
Built: 2000 Mc Duff shipyards Scotla
Dimensions: Loa: 10.8 m W: 4.8 m D: 3.2 m
Engine room:
Catepillar 3406 365 horses. (Completely renovated in 2011)
Twin Disc 5114 4.86:1 with slurry valve, new 2014.
1500 mm fixed four-blade propeller in nozzle new in 2011.
Stainless steel shaft with new bearings and seals in 2014.
Electric steering gear with new motor 2014.
Beta auxiliary motor with 220-volt generator.
Victron Battery Charger/Inverter.
3x flush pumps.
A transmotor generator was renovated in 2012.Hydraulics:
Variable Danfoss pump new 2014.
All hydraulic pipes in stainless new in 2014.
3x 5.5 ton trawl winches with automatic rewind new 2014, 750 meters 12 mm wire, 2 speed engines.
2x 4 ton trawl drums.
1x lifting winch
1x TMD 300 L remote control crane, new 2013.
Cargo capacity:
Large cargo hold with space for over 100 boxes // Cooling on belt drive. // Unisystem electronic weight new 2012.
Deck equipment:
1 x 2000 masks Flekkeroy trawl.
1 x1900 masks Åkra trawl.
100-inch type 2 trawl doors.
Diesel boiler and Rønningen solar machine.
brand new 2050 Flekkeroy trawl and new grate and bag
Accommodation: >> The boat is rigged for 1 man operation.
Electronic equipment:
Radar Furuno 2117, new 2016.
Suzuki Echo sounder es 1080.
Satellite compass Furuno.
2 x GPS GP 32/36.
Sonar Furuno.
Autopilot Simrad AP 70, new 2017.
Sodena mapping machine.
3 x VHF, new antennas 2017.
Trawl sensors Simrad PX system with 6 programmable sensors for doors, middle clump and trawler.
FOL NO.: 7188
Type: Steel Pelagic trawler
Built: 1998 Egersunds Mek Verksted, EGERSUND, Norway
Classification: DNV GL, +1A1 Fishing Vessel S (main Class Due: 03/2019)
Dimensions: Loa: 51.72 m. W: 10.10 m. D: 4.70 m.
Tonnage: 764 GT // 305 NT
Engine room:
2.760 BHP, Caterpillar, 3606 TA, 1000 rmp.
Scania Volda gear, AXG680-PF650/2
Prop.: 3000 mm Ø Scania Volda CP 75/4 propeller in kort nozzle.
AUX: 2x Caterpillar, 300 + 600 HP (overhauled 2013 and 2018 respectively both fitted in engine room)
2x Caterpillar generator sets (no shaft generator) 60 hz AC
1x Scania (new 2021, 600 HP + 528 kW)
Speed: 15 knots on 400 ltr.
Thrusters: >> 2x 400 HP Petter Marine Hydralic side thrusters. Driven via PTO off main engine.
Cargo capacity:
BUNKERS: Fuel: 105 m3 // Fresh Water: 29 m3
HOLD: 1.023 m3 in 11 RSW tanks, incl. two fish holds suitble for boxes + 1x 30 m3 slush ice tank for icing boxed fish or additional cooling for RSW tanks.
Deck equipment:
1x 50 tons Trawl Drum
2x 35 tons Net Drums, aft.
1x 28 tons mid Drum (tørke)
1x 28 tons bull rope -freiser
2x 35 tons split Trawl Winches make Hydrakraft – Driven off PTO on main engine.
1x 14” Karm Fish Pump2x Cranes, 5 ts/10 m, make EMV, Aft crane fitted roller Trawl blocks and Trawl doors make Nordsjønot AS
1x Tendor 3.000 l tank, with two compressors (64 kva) – 12-inch pipes in 14 inch out. return water for central on deck – then to tank.
Water separator fitted with grader for white fish.
1x Ozon Plant.
1x High Press Washer.FREEZING:
RSW Midt -Troms Kjøleservice
650,000 kcal/hr – Freon based
2x slush ice plantCOOLING:
RSW Midt-Troms Kjøleservice 650.000 kcal/hr – Freaon based.
Plant has economizer system.
5x front RSW tanks water blasted and painted in 2009
6 aft. RSW tanks water blased an dpainted in recent years.
Tendos vaccum system, 2 compresors, 64 kW
Accommodation: >> For 8 pers., 4x 1 man and 2x 2 men.
Electronic equipment:
2x JRC radars, 3 and 10 cm (new 2017)
1x Scan 2000 GYRO compass with Simrad Robertson AP9 Mk III autopilot
2x Leica DGPS navigators
1x JMC Navtex
1x Sailor GMDSS radio station
4x Sailor VHF
Motorolla + Benefon mobile phones
Complete autotrawl system by Scantrol
2x Furuno Echo Sounders (1200 L) ¨
1x Scanmar hydrophone for trawl sensors
2x Sodena Chartplotters
1x SevSat
1x Sailor Iridium phone
1x Shipequip TV system
1x Simrad ST90 10 W sonnar (2019)
1x Simrad ES80 Echo Sonnar (2019)
FOL NO.: 9260
Built: 2005 Altstål Design ApS, DK
Classification: DMA
Dimensions: Loa: 15.99 m /Lpp.: 14.59 m W: 6.0 m D: 2.5 m
Tonnage: 52.4 GT // 15.7 NT
Engine room: >> Scania DI12 59M (280 BHP) // Gear: Mekanor 270 // Prop.: Hundested
Cargo capacity: >> Fish Hold: 55.72 ton
Deck equipment: >> 2x Winch fitted on the booms.
Electronic equipment: >> Full set of FURUNO
FOL NO.: 6732
Type: West Yard: Steel WetFish Trawler / Industrial Trawler
Built: 2018 Kynde & Toft, Denmark
Classification: DMA
Dimensions: Loa: 32.2 m /Lbp: 27.88 m W: 9.0 m D: 6.45 m
Tonnage: 432 GT / 172 NT
Engine room:
Main engine Mitsubishi S6U-MPTK, Output 680 kW @ 1100 rpm. // 2x WDJ 165 revisited.
Built on John Deere 6068 AFM 85 and Stamford generator, Output 125 kWe @ 50 Hz
Hundested Propeller has delivered:
1x CPGD120 gear with the reduction 8.05:1 and 3 pcs. PTOs
1x VP12 with 4 blades, diameter 3.0 m
Thrusters: >> 1x SFT4 bowthruster of 160 HP
Cargo capacity:
Cargo space: 480 m3 (The hold can be divided into partly wet fish & industrial fish or only industrial fish)
2x BUUS flake ice machines with a capacity of 2x 4500kg/day on fresh water.
1x Nordkøl cargo cooler divided into 5 sections with a total of 1200m of pipes, as well as floor cooling.
Fuel oil: ~ 48,000 L
Fresh water: ~ 31,000 L
Deck equipment:
3x Trawl winches,
2x net drums,
1x 5.4ts Gilson winch,
1x TMP 1300XL deck crane
FREEZING EQUIPMENT: 2x 4.5 ts/day BUUS icemachines
Accommodation: >> 8 persons (Danish Ship Interior)
Electronic equipment:
Electronics :
Supplied and installed by SeaTech
Code MDC-7012BB 12kW radar
Code MDC-7025BB 25KW radar
Code CVS-FX2BB Sonar
Code KGC-300 GPS compass
Code KGP-915 GPS
Code KAT-330 AIS Transponder
JRC JLN652 current log
Sodena plotter (2 systems) with ENC chart
TimeZero plotter with MAX chart
MiniPlex NMEA system (UDP Network and NMEA-0183/NMEA-2000)
ComNav Vector G2 Backup Compass
Pacific MS3 display system with 3 * 55” screens
SP Sailor VHF radio 6222 DSC incl. 3 satellite stations
SP Sailor VHF radio 6248
SP Sailor HF Radio
SP Sailor Standard-C (Elog)
Kenwood radio system
Phonetech 3102 Intercom
IP Camera system with POE supply
Panasonic TV and Radio
system KNS V-SAT 60cm
Ethernet/Switch panel incl. Net1 and G4 routers, POE switches, Printer etc. in Rack.
KNS TV-Sat 60cm
Various PC systems for Weight, Elog, Internet etc.
Simrad AP70 autopilot system with QS80 satellites and extra AP70 display aft.
Simrad AP70 emergency pilot with panoramic rudder indicator Emergency
panel for rudder control
Simrad SU90 sonar
Simrad ES80 sonar with 120kHz split beam transducer
Scanmar busy system
Navtext Sirius 3
ONWA Wind gauge
LITECOM Pro III/Helmet wireless intercom in helmets.
Double waterproof deck screenElectricity :
Delivered and installed by T & W El-service ApS
Electrical panels and control – Projected, programmed and delivered by Thy El-teknik
Boatech deck equipment and fish handling:
– Stainless pipe system from hose winch to strainer box.
– Stainless pipe arrangement for unloading tanks.
– Complete work deck consisting of
– Sorters/cleaner conveyors
– Adjustable work platforms.
– Lifting peacock.
– Fish rinsers
– Slides for cargo hatches
– Cargo bin with 6 compartments.
– Module conveyors for packed boxes.
FOL NO.: 9259
Type: Steel Beam / Shrim Trawler
Built: 2003 Shipyard Welgelegen Lauwersoog BV, Holland
Classification: DMA
Dimensions: Loa: 19.30 m /Lpp: 17.70 m W: 5.80 m D: 2.60 m
Tonnage: 79.1 GT / 23.7 NT
Engine room:
225 BHP (169kw) CATERPILLAR 3406 cM main engine (Totally
overhauled in 2017) – ZFW 350 gear, red. 5.955:1 – 4-blade
propeller – 2 x 60 kVA Perkins auxiliary engines (27000 hours)
Cargo capacity: >> Cooling plant in fish hold
Deck equipment:
1 x 6-drum Luyt trawl winch (renovated in 2014) – 1 x Cargo winch – 1 x Cooker – Washing drums – Sorting drums – Container + conveyor belt – 2 x Viking life rafts
Electronic equipment:
1 x Compass
1 x Sailor SART
1 x SP VHF
1 x Furuno FR 217 radar
1 x Sodena plotter
1 x GPS TFT-LF 95 plotter
1 x Satellite compas with Simrad pilot
1 x Penta Plotter (NEW 2017)
Misc: * Fishing-gear: Beamtrawler equipment for shrimp fishing.
FOL NO.: 6731
Type: Steel Wetfish / ShrimpTrawler – Rig for shrimp and bottom trawling.
Built: 2019
Dimensions: Loa: 25.84 m /Lrg: 22.51 m W: 7.0 m D: 3.6 m
Tonnage: 151 GT // 45 NT
Engine room:
Cummins KTTA19GZ (750 BHP) // Generator: Cummins B215 20 (280 BHP) // Nozzle Propl.
Cargo capacity:
Fuel: 18,60 m3 // Fresh water: 4.02 m3 // Ballast: 13.96 m3 // Wastewater: 1 ton // Fish Hold: 135 m3
Accommodation: >> for 8 Persons.
Electronic equipment: >> Complete navigation devices