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FOL: 17144
Length: 14.95
Width: 7.0
Draft: 2.20
Depth: 3.70
Newbuilding Steel Purse Seiner /Trawler / Gillnetter / Longliner
FOL NO.: 17144
Type: Newbuilding Steel Purse Seiner /Trawler / Gillnetter / Longliner
Classification: The vessel is to be built according to the International Class Society.
Dimensions: Loa: 14.95 m. W: 7.00 m. D: 3.70 m. /Draft: 2.20 m.
Engine room:
Diesel Engine, Reduction Gear and Propulsion: 1x diesel engine: Around 500 Hp (SCANIA DI13 070M) // Engine to have electrical start // 1x Reduction gear: Nogva or equivalent 6:1 or 5:1 // PTO for hydraulic pump // 1x Propeller: CPP, without nozzle // Auxiliary Diesel Generators Aggregates: 1x diesel generator set, 15 kW, 24VDC/230VAC, 50 Hz // To be arranged for electrical start with batteries // 1x electro-hydraulic steering gear with 2 positions in wheelhouse and on deck to be mounted by the Builder.
1x hydraulic driven bow thruster is to be installed, 80 HP // 1x hydraulic driven stern thruster is to be installed, 50 Hp (or 80 Hp), depends on appropriateness of the dimensions of the thruster and the structural situation of the vessel at stern
Cargo capacity:
Cargo area to be built according to the GAP // Bilge wells to be arranged in each cargo hold // Cargo holds to be insulated and prepared for containers.
Deck equipment:
Main deck with bulkheads, hatches and foundation according to the GAP, all to be made of steel // Maneuver position on main deck // 1x access door to be installed for engine room from main deck // 1x aluminum hatch to be installed for fish hold // Anchor and chain/wire etc. to be installed // Hydraulic type of windlass to be installed according to rules by the Builder // Bollards and fairleads to be installed according to mooring plan // Hatches are to be built accoding to the GAP // Flush hatches are to be made of steel // Hatch for cargo hold is to be made of aluminium. All hatch coamings are to be made of steel // Foundations for cargo handling equipment to be made and to be installed by the Builder // 2x 500 kg @ 8 m hydraulic crane to be installed as shown on the GAP. 1x to be located on aft of the wheelhouse, the other one to be located on aft of the vessel // 4x foundation for 6 tons winches to be installed as the description of the Buyer. The Buyer will supply the winches as well as their drawings. Drawings and technical properties of the winches are to be submitted to the Builder 1 month after contract signing // The winch will be located forward of wheelhouse, weight with wire apx 2 tons // There will also be installed a net winch weight apx 600 kg // Plus a net stacker weight apx 300 kg // Net itself weight apx 3 tons with 1 m above main deck.
Accommodation: >> The vessel to have accommodation for 5 persons.
Electronic equipment:
All navigation and communication equipment to be supplied and installed by the Buyer //
The Builder to install the followings; Navigational lights and navigation light controller to be installed according to rules // 1x search light 500 watt, 24 volt to be installed on wheelhouse top // 1x bow light 400 watt, 220 volt to be installed in front of the mast // 1x electrical whistle on mast // The electrical system, equipment, components and materials to be designed, produced and installed in accordance with the specification, proven marine practice and DMA requirement.

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