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FOL: 17143
Length: 14.95
Width: 7.0
Draft: 2.2
Depth: 3.7
FOL NO.: 17143
Built: 2020
Classification: The Vessel to be built and equipped according to “Nordic Boat Standard and Danish Regulation Fishing Boat less then 15 meters” valid on the date of Contract signed and described in this TS.
Dimensions: Loa: 14.95 m. W: 7.0 m. D: 3.70 m. / Draft: 2.20 m.
Engine room:
The aft ship designed for 1x propeller and 1x rudder // Engine room to be arranged according to the GAP // Tanks for diesel oil, hydraulic oil and fresh water to be arranged // Foundation for main engine and gear to be made and to be well integrated into bottom structure. Foundation for auxiliary engine and etc. to be strong and have draining holes // Ladder at aft to be installed
1x hydraulic driven bow thruster is to be installed (80 Hp) // 1x hydraulic driven stern thruster is to be installed (50 Hp or 80 Hp) //  depends on appropriateness of the dimensions of the thruster and the structural situation of the vessel at stern
Cargo capacity:
Cargo area to be built according to the GAP // Bilge wells to be arranged in each cargo hold // Cargo holds to be insulated and prepared for containers
Deck equipment:
Main deck with bulkheads, hatches and foundation according to the GAP, all to be made of steel
Electronic equipment:
All navigation and communication equipment to be supplied and installed by the Buyer // The Buyer is to provide all information (weights, drawings, foundation’s details, etc) of the navigation and communication equipment which will be supplied by the Buyer, to the Builder within 1x month after contract signing // All cables, antennas and fittings to be carried out a complete installation // Electric Shore Supply System: Shore connection to be arranged for 220V, 32A // Shore connection box to be installed casing, and to be arranged with hinged cover // 20m shore connection cable is to be provided // Lighting System: All lighting system to be LED type

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