FOL NO.: 16877
Type: Selfunloading Pusher and Hopper Barge
Classification: SE – Ice Class: FS 1B
Dimensions: Barge: Loa: 76 m W: 11 m D: 4 m // Tug: 24.18 x 8.7 x 4.28
Engine room:
Pusher tug: Bollard pull: 24 ton
Engines: 2x Bergen, CP Prop.
Kw/Bhp: 1762/2396
Deck equipment:
The barges are equipped with a 30 tons excavator on a movable platform and a custom sterndesign to fit snuggly with the pusher barge lashed with only two dynemas.
Accommodation: >> Pusher TUG: Accommodation: 5 Single cabins
FOL NO.: 16761
Type: Storage / Liveaboard Barge
Dimensions: Loa: 25.00 m. (Approx.) W: 5.50 m. (Approx.)
Misc.: * Large warehouse on first floor and living space in one half of the second floor